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People and culture first ... TECH WILL FOLLOW


As an experienced Senior Tech Executive, with a track record of success in both times of economic rationalisation and hyper growth, it is my passion to develop people, organisations and platforms.

Embarking on my professional journey in HR, I gained a unique perspective that goes beyond the typical tech lens. It taught me to approach IT challenges holistically, considering not only the technical aspects but also the crucial dimensions of people, culture, organization, product, and finance.

While my passion for IT is boundless, I firmly stand by the belief: people and culture first, tech will follow. Prioritizing people and fostering a positive culture paves the way for technological success. It's more than just selecting the right tools or hiring the so-called 'best' individuals. The true solution might already be within reach, waiting to be unleashed. ‹read out


By intertwining this philosophy with my extensive tech, product, and architectural expertise, I've successfully assisted both enterprises and startups in achieving what seemed impossible. I have over 20 years experience in merging complex IT platforms and organisations, decoupling monoliths; supporting journeys between startup and scaler. It's this wealth of experience that CulturalCode Innovations brings to the table — ready to guide your organization or platform into the next transformative chapter. Please feel free to reach out regarding any challenge I could help with. ‹read out

Interim CTO

Empower your company with strategic technology leadership through our Interim CTO services.

Interim CIO

Navigate digital transformation seamlessly, ensuring effective and forward-thinking information management.

Cloud Migration

Elevate your business to new heights with our extended cloud experience, ensuring a swift and secure transition to the cloud.

Merging Platforms

Effortlessly streamline and enhance your solutions by expertly merging or convert your platforms for optimal efficiency.

Decouple Monoliths

Unleash agility and scalability by decoupling monolithic systems, paving the way for a more flexible and responsive IT architecture.

Change management

Navigate organizational evolution smoothly, ensuring a seamless transition and adaptation to innovation.

"Everyone is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid"


I am proud that I was able to work and partner with these esteemed organizations. I invite you to reach out and explore how my experience can bring transformative value to your company. Contact me to discover the unique solutions I can offer tailored to your business needs.


Let's start a conversation about how I can support your goals and initiatives. Please drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! ‹read out

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